A Guide to Shipping a Bus

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Schools, government agencies, and individuals may need to ship buses occasionally. Whether you need to dispose of your bus to a junkyard or want to relocate your vehicle across the state, knowing the process beforehand can help make the process convenient and safe. Continue reading this guide as we take you through the step-by-step process of shipping a bus.

1. Contact a nationwide auto transport service.

Reach out to a reliable vehicle relocation service that can ship your bus safely. Buses are heavy vehicles that require special care and equipment to be transported safely. A reputable company will have all the necessary equipment such as power semi-tractors, lowboy flatbeds, and experienced personnel to handle the transportation.

Additionally, get a free estimate to avoid paying any hidden charges or additional costs later on. Charges for bus shipment vary depending on the distance covered and the weight, height, and length of the vehicle being transported.

2. Sign the Contract

Once you’ve received quotes from various auto transportation services, sign the contract with one that best meets your needs and budget. Tell them where you want to relocate your bus and schedule a pickup date. You may want to buy additional insurance to protect your prized possession if it gets damaged during transit.


3. Bus Loading  

You may have to deliver your bus to the company’s terminal or have it picked up at a specified location, where it’ll be loaded onto a flatbed trailer, ready for shipment. Lowboy trailers ensure your bus won’t fall off or damage while in transit. If your bus isn’t operational, you might have to pay extra charges to load it onto the trailer since it’ll require special equipment to haul properly.

4. Destination

Once the bus hauls in place, it’ll be transported to the specified location. Hiring reliable services is important as they’ll avoid all complicated routes like underpasses, bridges, narrow roads, etc., to ensure your bus’ safety.

5. Unloading

Your bus will be unloaded once it reaches the desired destination. Note that you may have to pay additional fees if you plan on leaving your vehicle at the terminal for a few days before pickup.

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