RGV Auto Transport is one of the best auto transportation companies in the US. We provide excellent vehicle shipment services in most major regions in the country at affordable rates. We have been in the business for more than three successful decades and continue to provide our expertise wherever and whenever it is needed. We deal with both individual private customers and commercial customers. There are many types of vehicles we ship nationwide, including the most common SUVs, sedans, motorcycles, trucks, vans and private cars. We help customers all across the US relocate their vehicles, big or small, using the most secure methods. Customer priority and quality of service are our main priorities. Our professional team works to ensure that these priorities are satisfactorily delivered to each customer.

Why Work with Us?

RGV Auto Transport has learned — over three decades of experience — that the human element is the most important part of a complex business such as that of vehicle transportation. Without our highly professional and trained team, our services would not be as reliability as they are.

At RGV Auto Transport, you won’t just earn great monetary benefits, but also some valuable experience in the auto transportation business. No matter the job you apply and get hired for, we ensure that all employees remain motivated and on top of their game. Since we are a family-owned business, we aim for all our employees (as well as customers) to function as a family too. We do everything we can to keep spirits high and our family happy.

Who Are We Looking For?

The individuals we look for to join our team must be professional, sufficiently trained and dedicated to providing great quality of service to all customers. We’re looking for highly enthusiastic and energetic workers who will be eager to improve their performance every day. Vehicle shipment is a tedious job because of how much effort and planning goes into it, so our employees need to be willing to extend that effort. If you’re a goal-oriented problem-solver who can live up to our job requirements, we encourage you to apply!

We are currently looking to hire trained and professional car carrier drivers urgently.

  • CDL or Class A License
  • Ability to follow designated routes
  • Must be street smart
  • Relevant experience
How to Apply:

Contact RGV Auto Transport

Phone: 956-541-1967


What You Get:
  • Market competitive salary
  • Training (if required/requested)