Car Transportation

RGV Auto Transport is a family-owned company offering affordable auto transport for almost 30 years. Our team is committed to delivering quick, reliable, safe, and professional transportation services to our clients nationwide to ensure their peace of mind. Our dedication to customer service and our competitive rates have made us a leading force well ahead of our competitors in automotive logistics.

At RGV Auto Transport, we offer a wide range of options for car relocation and transportation services, car shipping services, and car delivery services anywhere in the US. We provide high-end car transport for all kinds of cars ranging from private and business cars to exotic, antique, and luxury vehicles and corporate automobiles. We also offer interstate car towing services along with urgent car shipping for SUVs, salvaged automobiles, and inoperable cars.

Our clients can choose from numerous options to transport their car nationwide including enclosed transport, open-air transport, terminal car transportation and door-to-door car moving services. Our staff and drivers make sure all vehicle transportation is handled carefully while paying extra attention to details to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Open Air Auto Shipping

Our open-air transport process involves loading the car onto a multi-car carrier with various other vehicles. The vehicles are carefully secured in place before they are moved. Open-air car shipping is one of the most cost-effective ways of transporting your vehicle and is also highly preferred by our clients. However, if you are worried about road debris and weather elements damaging your car, you can get better protection by choosing enclosed auto transport.

Enclosed Vehicle Transportation Services

Enclosed transportation offers complete protection for your vehicle at a great price by loading your car into a truck that is covered from all sides with either soft-sided enclosure or hard-sided enclosure as per your requirements. Soft-sided enclosure offers limited protection against small rocks, rain, and wind. Hard-sided is more effective and gives your vehicles an extra level of protection from road hazards and weather.

Terminal Auto Transport & Door To Door Car Shipping

Terminal auto transport is the industry standard when it comes to vehicle transporting. The client is requested to drop off the car at the terminal and pick it up from the destination terminal. Terminal to terminal car shipping is the most affordable auto transportation service.

Door to door car shipping goes one step further by saving you valuable time and collecting the car from any location as per your specification and dropping it off at a chosen location. It can be a bit costly, but it is the most convenient form of auto shipping currently available.

Book our fast and reliable vehicle transport and shipping services today and enjoy the best rates in the industry, along with premium services from licensed and ensured carriers near you!
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