4 Tips to Ensure Your Car is Transported Safely

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A truck full of vehicles being transported photographed en route.We transport our vehicles for all sorts of reasons, whether we’re moving a few towns away, traveling across the country, selling our vehicle, or one of many other reasons. But when sending your car via auto transportation services, you should keep the following tips in mind to ensure your vehicle’s safety:


1. Wash and clean your vehicle inside-out

Ideally, your vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned before it’s sent away because it makes things easier when it’s collected for transportation. The vehicle’s current condition, any issues with it, and other details are all noted by the transporter, so a cleaner car makes it easier for them—and you! Here are some great tips on cleaning your interiors thoroughly.

2. Evaluate and note all damage and issues

Before the inspection itself, you should also note, photograph, and record any damage to the exteriors or interiors. Scratches, dents, paint chips, etc., should be photographed and logged so you can compare upon delivery. You should take pictures of the rest of the car too, so you have a record of the condition.

Cars being transported via trucks to different locations.3. Remove or secure any accessories or add-ons

From sunglasses to shoes to car add-ons, you should either remove or secure any additional item before it’s sent for transportation. In case of any damage, loss, or breakage, your transporter can’t be held responsible. We strongly recommend that your car comes only with the absolute essentials in it.

4. Ensure tires, radiator and batteries are in working condition

Your tires should be inflated, the radiator must have antifreeze, and your battery should be charged before your car leaves. These little measures make all the difference because cars may break down or have issues along the way, and the company cannot always be held responsible.

You should address all mechanical and technical issues, too, from fluid leaks to engine stalling and more.

Once your car is good to go, you can reach out to our team to collect it for transportation. You can depend on us as one of the best auto transport companies in the region. We’re offering stellar nationwide auto transport services for vehicles of all sizes and capacities. Please get in touch with us to know more or generate a quote here. Your vehicles will be safe and sound with us!


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