5 Problems Faced by Vehicle Owners When They are Shipping Their Trucks Out of Texas

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There’s a lot to consider before hiring an auto transport service to make your experience positive. Not all businesses are equal, and that’s true for automotive transportation as well.

Like with any industry, there are good companies, bad ones, and some downright scamming their customers. Here are some common mishaps faced by vehicle owners during shipment.

Mishaps with the Shipped Trucks

A frequent problem faced when people don’t use experienced and reliable companies is damage to the vehicle. There have been minor damages, such as scratches to major dents in the vehicle. Be meticulous in your research before you pick an auto transport service.

Inspect it thoroughly after you receive it. Remember to check the bumpers and roof, the most overlooked part. If you find any damage to your truck, you need to file a complaint immediately.

Lowest Quote? Look Before You Leap

Found a quote that seems too good to be true? It probably is. Many auto transport companies attract clients with low bids. A cheaper service can give you more headaches in the actual transportation process.

There are also hidden fees that just may end up causing you extra at the end. Often, the price you were quoted is drastically different than what you’ll be charged at the end. Be wary, the lowest quote isn’t always the best deal.

Going Back on Delivery Deadline

Late or delayed delivery is the last thing anyone wants when they ship their vehicle. However, with unreliable shipping companies, this is a common reality. Although there can be reasons out of human control, delivery is also delayed due to the trucker’s negligence.

Most vehicle shipping carriers will give you a window instead of an exact delivery time. If the company guarantees a date and time, make sure to get it in writing. Verbal agreements mean nothing, especially if you’re using the service for the first time.

Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service and poor communication during the shipping put people off using this company for good. Always check for reviews. A good company will make auto shipping quick and easy.

With a reliable company and the latest technologies, you can track your vehicle at any time. The company should also provide you updates if requested by the client.

Off-Route Destination Issues

Many auto carriers have specified routes for transport. If you want an off-route delivery, some companies will charge you significantly more to do it.

Not only are you incurring additional fees, but delayed delivery is even more common. Before hiring a vehicle transport service, check terms and conditions.


Transport Your Trucks Safely

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