6 Common Auto Shipping Myths Debunked

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Is there any industry without its myths and stories? Often a myth is just that, a false belief. Similarly, there are some common myths in the auto shipping business that people widely and falsely believe.

Myth #1: It is More Affordable to Drive the Vehicle Than to Ship It

People often believe it’s easier and faster to just drive the car than ship it. This is not true. A cross-country road trip is tedious and can test your patience. Add in pets or kids, and it’d be even harder.

Using a carrier service will get your car to your desired location while you focus on your work. It’s more affordable to ship than drive because you need to factor in multi-day costs when you drive.

Myth #2: You Can Only Ship a Running Car

There’s another false thought that you can only ship a running car. Good auto transport companies can ship your vehicle whether it runs or not.

However, contact the carrier service to know if there are extra costs for shipping an inoperable vehicle. That’s because they may require special equipment to load/unload.

Myth #3: The Lowest Quote is the Best

A reasonable price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision. It’s important to be savvy and research before picking an auto transport service.

The chances of getting the best service with the cheapest offer are low. You’re probably trading in the safety of your car for a lower cost.

Myth #4: Reading Reviews is a Waste of Time

Not all carriers are made equal, and here reviews can be beneficial. Not all companies have the best intentions and will have hidden fees.

Reviews are an effective way to root out the bad companies from the good ones. Look for a high number of reviews and make sure their positive ones.


Myth #5: Your Quote is Based on Transport Distance

While the transport distance certainly impacts the total cost, it’s just one of many things that can. Several factors are considered when providing a quote.

The make, model, and size of the vehicle, preferred delivery dates, location, and time of the year are all appraised. Shipping your car to a rural area can also impact the quote.

Myth #6: You Can Ship a Vehicle Only on Open Trailers

A common misconception people believe is that their vehicles can only be shipped on open trailers. There are some risks of using open trailers for vehicle shipping when using inexperienced companies.

There is also an enclosed auto shipping option. Your vehicle will be covered, and there will be no damage from exposure to dust and other elements. Trucks move 72.5% of the nation’s freight by weight, and a good company can safely transport your vehicle as well.

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Transport Your Vehicles Safely

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