Best Cross Country Transport Services In Texas

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Moving to a new state or country is stressful, especially when planning to relocate your vehicle to your new house. While many auto transporting companies offer different services, it is essential to know about them to make the right choice for your needs.

Here, take a look at some of the best cross-country services in Texas:

Cross-Country Transport Services:

The following are ways you can transport your car to a cross-country location:

Car Haul

With a car haul service, your car is placed on the elevated platform of a vehicle transporting trailer, usually accompanied by other vehicles. The trailer will then take the car to the company’s location in the other country, from which you can easily pick your vehicle up.

A car haul is considered the best alternative for long, cross-country shipping. It’s a safe method used by many car-owners to ensure their car makes it to the delivery location safely.

Personal Vehicle Shipping

The only difference between car haul and personal vehicle service is that it transports a single vehicle at a time rather than delivering multiple cars. Personal vehicle shipping is convenient as it provides door-to-door delivery, so you can sit back and relax while your car is delivered.


Tow Your Car

Another way to ship your vehicle to a cross-country location is by hiring a tow truck service provider. While this option is cheaper than driving and choosing a shipping company, it’s neither safe nor convenient.

Enclosed Vehicle Transportation

Although open-air is a more affordable option, enclosed vehicle transportation will protect your vehicle from weather or damage throughout its journey. This alternative is recommended for vintage and supercars as they are considered expensive financial assets.

Types Of Trailers

There are three types of trailers used by auto transport companies, and each of them serves a different purpose.

Car Transporter

You’ll find it near dealerships as it’s the most affordable way to transport vehicles. These transporters can pick up and deliver up to eleven cars at the same time. Whether it’s a vintage car or a mini family van, there is no restriction.


This type of trailer is pricier than a car transporter. It transports inoperable vehicles, go-karts, large vans, canoes, small boats, and tow trucks. The key restriction for a flatbed is that it can’t carry more than forty-eight kilos.

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