Different Types of Vehicle Transport Services: All You Need to Know

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The world of vehicle transportation has evolved, such that there are now several mediums of transport that a person may avail depending on the kind of vehicle they own. Whether you wish to transport a luxury motorcycle or a quaint SUV, here’s a list of all you need to know about different vehicle transport company.

Open-Air Auto Shipping

As the name suggests, open-air transport involves loading your vehicle and carefully placing it on the back of a hauling truck without coverage. This mode of transport is best for those looking to transport their vehicles nationwide on a budget, as the truck can carry 7-10 vehicles at once, thereby mitigating the per head cost.

The only catch is, it may be exposed to debris on the way. While this can be countered with a simple cloth over the car, our next option may be an ideal fit if you don’t want to compromise on your car’s tidiness.

Enclosed Vehicle Transportation

Although open-air is a more affordable option, enclosed vehicle transportation will protect your vehicle from debris, weather, or damage throughout its journey. It comes with a price, though, because only a couple of cars get carried at a time.

This option is usually used for luxury vehicles that are a large enough investment to be enclosed in a secure box that will keep them safe from the elements. Opt for this if you want the utmost protection for your car and are okay with bearing the steep price.

Motorcycle Transportation

The purchase of two-wheelers has boomed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Forbes. If you wish to pick up on the trend, you can relocate your motorcycle in both open-air and enclosed shipping, but also crated transport as well.

Due to its smaller frame, the bike can be secured to a pallet before being loaded onto a truck. This allows one truck to comfortably fit numerous motorcycles at a time, thereby minimizing costs and providing owners with an affordable option.

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RGV Auto Transport provides a one-stop solution for all your vehicle shipping needs

Regardless of size, make, or budget, RGV Auto Transport provides a diverse array of vehicle transportation solutions. We boast a well-trained staff and over 30 years of experience in the industry. Reach out to us today, and we can get you a quote on our affordable vehicle transport services.

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