Enclosed Vs. Open Car Transport, Which Is Better Option For You?

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If you don’t have time and expertise to transport the car yourself, you can approach nationwide car shipping experts who can do the job easily, quickly, and efficiently. The biggest advantage of selecting a reliable car shipping company is reliability and peace of mind.

Companies that offer car relocation services have experts who know how to get the task done without any issue. However, most car owners get confused when deciding between open or enclosed shipping methods.

Take a look at the main difference between the two types to make the right decision.

Open Shipping Service

Open car shipping is when a two-level trailer with rows of vehicles transports your car normally seventy-five to eighty feet long. The truck has no sidewalls and no top, so the cars are always exposed to the natural elements and weather conditions.


Open-air shipping is quicker and less expensive than enclosed transportation. In addition, the number of open-air trucks on the road is increasing. This makes scheduling a preferred shipment and delivery time easier.

A two-tier trailer can hold five to ten vehicles and transport them all at once, saving your time and money. Furthermore, as an open-air truck is lighter than an enclosed truck, it consumes less fuel.



Since the open transport truck is open to the elements, your car will be exposed to the natural elements. During transportation, your car is also protected to some extent from road debris. Additionally, as cars carried in an open truck aren’t enclosed, your vehicle may become dusty and in need of a car wash.

Enclosed Shipping Service

In an enclosed carrier, the shipping truck transporting your vehicle is enclosed. This is the most used shipping method in the US.


Road debris is a safety hazard for people and cars alike. Fallen twigs and trunks, deep puddles, loose pebbles, exploded tires, and construction waste are all impediments on the route that can damage your car. The pebbles can hit the windscreen and leave scratches or huge cracks. If nothing else, dust particles settling on the auto glass can impair vision and leave fine scratches on the surface as well. You can protect your car from any natural element like debris and harsh weather with enclosed shipping.

All vehicle carriers at RGV Auto Transport are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. This means that all the cars that we transport in our enclosed carriers will also share full insurance during transit. This offers additional protection to your car as long as it’s with us. We have fully trained staff to oversee your vehicle during transit and supervise everything. This means that your car will be secure and in our care at all times during transit, and we take responsibility for it.


The enclosed shipping method is expensive and would take longer. However, you shouldn’t take any risks when it comes to car safety.

Ship Your Car Now With RGV Auto Transport

Now that you are aware of the difference between open and enclosed shipping, it’s time to hire a professional for the job. In the auto transport market, RGV Auto Transport is a reputable company that provides excellent customer service with a high priority in Brownsville, TX. Furthermore, they have employed drivers with the experience and abilities necessary to carry your vehicle securely.

With a safe and speedy delivery platform, RGV Auto Transport helps vehicle transportation a reliable and hassle-free solution.

You can request a free quote on our website or call us on 956-541-1967 and also email us at rgvautotransport@gmail.com for more information.

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