How to Safely Load and Transport Heavy Vehicles for Shipping

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While many safety precautions extend themselves to any vehicle regardless of its size, several preventive measures pertaining especially to heavy vehicles exist to ensure their safe nationwide vehicle transport. Although it is no easy task, following these few steps can bring risks down to a minimum.

1. Perform A Risk Audit

Assessing the different avenues of risk your vehicle may face during its transport can be a surefire way of mitigating any unforeseen events. A risk audit works as a checklist of everything that could go wrong and what to do if something does. A full operation and transportation timeline is a must-have for smooth car relocation to ensure that nationwide auto-deliveries are done safely.

2. Ensure That The Loading Staff Follows Safety Precautions

The safety of your employees goes a long way and is a crucial part of the car shipping company’s risk mitigation strategy. Not only should the concerned staff be trained diligently on how to load and properly fit the vehicle, but they should also have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on at all times.

A worker in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

3. Pre-inspect The Hauling Vehicle

The inspection of your hauling truck is crucial as it is not only expected to travel thousands of miles but will also be carrying a heavy vehicle throughout the journey. Any stoppages during the passage due to the vehicle breaking down may need hours to fix, leading to delayed arrivals and, ultimately, customer dissatisfaction.

A routine inspection of the hauling vehicle’s tires, brakes, lights, and tie-down points can go a long way towards enabling consistency in delivery times.

4. Implement A Detail-oriented Loading/Unloading Procedure

The first step towards ensuring safe and efficient loading and unloading of vehicles is to have a set of thorough and up-to-date Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Whether it’s maneuvering the vehicle up the ramp, clearing the unloading site, or doing a final ground inspection, having a set of guidelines can result in consistently optimal work.

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