How To Ship Your Car To Texas

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Are you planning to move but unsure about how to transport your vehicle? Whether you’re relocating overseas or to another state, evaluating your auto shipping service options is critical. Major elements to focus on include shipping rates and professional car carriers to guarantee your transport plan is hassle-free.

Take a look at different shipping options for you to choose from:

Steps Of Getting Your Vehicle Shipped

Following are the steps every car owner should know about while hiring a car shipping service provider:

1. Selecting A Car Shipping Company

Contact a reliable car broker who will connect you to a professional car shipping company. Make sure both the broker and the car carrier are insured to avoid any fraud cases.

2. Selecting A Shipping Plan

After selecting an auto shipping company, you need to set a shipping plan and provide information regarding your car model, pickup and delivery address, and contact details.

3. Selecting Auto Transport Service Type

Most auto shipping companies provide three options to their clients: enclosed shipping, open shipping, and door-to-door shipping. The most reliable option is door-to-door shipping service, as the driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle to your driveway.

4. Finalizing The Deal

The next step is to book your shipment; a client either pays in advance or pays after delivery.

5. Taking Your Items Out Of Your Car

Make sure to remove all personal belongings from the car before handing them over to the car carrier.

6. Track Your Car

If the company offers tracking services, make sure to keep an eye on your car’s location for safety purposes.

Different Ways To Transport Your Vehicle

The following are three common ways to ship your vehicle:

1. By Hiring A Car Transporter

One of the most common and reliable ways to ship your car is hiring a professional car transporting service provider. They will give you the options between the enclosed and open type of vehicle. While open shipping is less expensive, however, your car will be protected from dirt stains and bad weather by availing enclosed shipping option.

2. By Hiring A Private Driver

Another option is to hire a private driver to transport your car. However, this option is highly expensive and more time-consuming than hiring a transporting service provider.

Cargo containers

3. Booking A Cargo Container

The third option is to book a cargo container to ship your vehicle. A cargo container is about fifty feet long, and there is no guarantee that the container will only contain vehicles. There can be anything from car parts to repairing tools, which can damage your car. Moreover, it is considered to be the most time-consuming option compared to the other two ways.

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