Moving for College? Here’s how you can Transport your Vehicle

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Across the United States, 17.5 million undergraduates enroll in college every year. College is a new stepping stone in everyone’s life. You had filled out the applications and had waited for your acceptance letter to come. Now that you’re going to college, you’re optimistic that the next four years will be the best of your life.

While planning for this new phase of your life, you might’ve forgotten about transporting your car for college. There are a lot of things you have to decide. That’s why, this blog will be your guide for vehicle transportation for college.

Select a Car Shipping Company
First and foremost, a select an auto transport company. It’s important that you see if your selected auto transport company is insured, bonded, and licensed. This is to ensure the maximum safety of your vehicle. The carriers should also be insured.

Select a company that is insured, so you can avoid heavy costs later on from damage. College is expensive anyway; you don’t need more trouble!

Provide your Information
Not only should you know information regarding your vehicle and location to assess what kind of services you’d need, but you also have to relay this information to the auto transport company you’ve selected.

The information you’d need to provide are details like your car’s make, model, the pickup location, and drop off location, which would be your college. Moreover, brief them on the time frame of your shipment., and other such information.

Choose your Auto Transport Service
Once these steps are done, it’s important that you select what auto transport service you’d require. There are many ways you can ship your car to college. What’s important is to see what sort of service fits you best.

All of it also depends on your vehicle, company, and budget. For example, if you’re moving across the country, you’d need a company and service that has the expertise to handle long-distance shipping and nationwide auto transport.

1. Open-Air Transport
Most common service that is cheaper but exposes your vehicle to external elements.

2. Enclosed Transport
Car is transported in an enclosed truck or trailer with protection from road-hazards and weather.

3. Terminal Auto Transport
Vehicle is dropped and picked from pre-determined locations

4. Door-to-Door Transport
Your vehicle is shipped as close to your location (your dorm or apartment) as possible.

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Prepare Vehicle
Prepare your car for transport by removing all personal and valuable items, washing your car, and recording any previous damages.

Check fluids such as fuel, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc. Lower octane is not good for colder weather as it could freeze or burst your gas lines. Moreover, ensure that your car’s tank is less than quarter full to not make your vehicle heavy.

Check your air-conditioner and windshields. Your batteries should be full and you should also check your tires.

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