Shipping Multiple Vehicles with RGV Auto Transport

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With an increase in vehicle imports and exports, car dealers and retail agencies frequently require shipping multiple vehicles from terminal to terminal for the nationwide delivery of cars. Shipping multiple vehicles in a single shipment order serves many benefits.

RGV Auto Transport is dedicated to providing excellence in all types of vehicle relocation services. We can safely ship multiple vehicles across the United States. Our carriers are fully insured, and we have well-trained, experienced, and licensed drivers. Click here to know more about us.

Here is how we ship multiple vehicles across the US to and from Texas:

Multiple Vehicles Sipping Procedure:

You can hire our auto transportation services for multiple vehicles following the standard procedure of car transport service. Here is the step-wise procedure to request multiple shipping:

  1. You can request a free quoteor contact our customer support center, wherein you will mention details of your car transport, number of cars, shipment mode, destination, and other related details.
  2. You can choose between enclosed vehicle transport and open carry car transport.
  3. Our transport experts analyze this information and send you a quote.
  4. You place your shipment order and sign the shipping contract.
  5. You proceed with payments. You can also opt for transport insurance which requires you to pay a certain percentage of the total value of your shipment. In case of any damage during transportation, RGV Auto Transportwill take responsibility and pay for the damages.
  6. The vehicles are loaded for shipment, and a shipment and tracking ID will be provided to you so you can track your vehicles’ location.
  7. Upon delivery, we recommend our customers conduct a thorough inspection of their vehicles to ensure all the vehicles are delivered in their original state.

Benefits of Shipping Multiple Vehicles

Whether you are an individual moving to another place in the US, a car dealer, a retail agency, or a corporate business, shipping multiple vehicles is beneficial both in terms of cost and safety. Here are some major benefits of shipping multiple vehicles in a single consignment:

  • Multiple vehicle shipping saves the stopover time of the car carrier. In a single consignment, the auto transport company does not need to stop at multiple places to deliver other cars or take a longer route.
  • You can save time and money by shipping all your cars in one carrier instead of shipping them separately.


  • By filling the entire container with a single batch of cars, businesses that import and export vehicles can save transportation costs.
  • Auto transport companies offer larger discounts for car dealers and corporate customers. Dealers usually get unique discounts from RGV Auto Transportsince they need to hire our car transport services regularly. A long-term logistics partnership with RGV Auto Transport results in bigger savings and increased revenues.

RGV Auto Transport Offers Affordable Car Shipping Services

AT RGV Auto Transport, we have a huge fleet of enclosed and open carry car transport carriers. We offer nationwide auto transport services for multiple vehicle shipping at an affordable rate. With years of experience, our team of expert drivers, loaders, and support staff ensure safe cross-country car transport and terminal to terminal car shipping.

Contact us for further details or email us at for any queries.

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