Shipping Your Car in the Summer Versus Shipping Your Car in The Winter: What’s the Difference?

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It might be the holiday season for you, or school could be out, so you decided to pack up the wife and kids and take a long-distance trip across the country like these Americans.
But a few hours in your journey, your seven-year-old is throwing a fit while your 2-year-old has spilled strawberry yogurt all over the back seat. Your wife is upset because you didn’t book the cheap flight tickets that were on sale due to the holidays.And now you are wondering how you will survive the next two days of this till you get to your destination.

Perhaps it would have been better to fly there.

Definitely faster.

And you could have shipped your car with an auto transport company and avoided the yogurt stains splattered across your new seat covers.

So, whether you are traveling across the US next winter for the holidays or taking the kids to Disney World during their summer break—here’s what you need to know about shipping your car during the different seasons.

Shipping Your Car Is Cheaper In Summer

It is not only the birds that fly south for the winter. Millions of Americans do too to enjoy a little bit of warm weather and get away from the snow!

And many of them opt to fly to their destination than spend days driving down there. Plus, with kids, roads trips aren’t the most ideal because things can get pretty frustrating for the adults and the kids.
Have you noticed huge carriers and transporters drive by? Chances are what you have seen is that more car carriers pass you by in the summer season than in the winter season.

That is because most people travel to the warmer south during winter. The major routes like the ones we take to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and, of course, Miami see a lot more traffic. As the rule goes in economics, demand is higher, and with that, many auto carriers increase their prices.

So simply put, shipping your car in summer is actually a bit more expensive. However, keep in mind that even though the cost may be higher, in the winter season, you might have to opt for enclosed shipping depending on the weather and your destinations.

Shipping Your Car Is Easier In Summer

It is easier to ship your car in the summer. Winter would mean snow and rain. Keep in mind that all parts of the supply chain are negatively impacted by the weather—a snowstorm will shut down roads and cause delays in loading, and as a result, financial loss and delays are more likely. The process, however, is much simpler and easier for you and the auto transport companies in summer.

Shipping Your Car Is Faster In Summer

Nobody likes bad weather, but snowstorms can literally stop large carriers in their tracks. The risks also go up, so it goes without saying that choosing the right auto transport company that is insured and has proper safety checks and measures is critical in both seasons but of utmost importance during winter.

The key is to opt for the right auto transport company like RGV Auto Transport, which serves over 50 states and is easy, fast, and reliable.

Plus, we offer vehicle tracking so that you will stay up to date on your car’s location throughout.
To learn more about car transport and the services we offer, give us a call or get in touch with us through our website.

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