The Future of Truck Transportation Services in Texas, USA

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For the past two years, the trucking transportation service has been a hot topic. An industry that mainly operated behind the scenes came into the limelight. The changes that forced them into the spotlight will further affect the industry.

Trucking Industry in the Past Decades

In the past decades, the trucking industry faced its fair share of ups and downs. The early 2010s were marked by a high turnover for truck drivers. This kept on increasing due to high fuel prices and tighter regulations.

In 2014 the hours-of-service law was passed, which boosted the demand for trucks. Thus, companies rushed to get more freight hauls and trailers to keep up with the demand. The highway bill passed in 2015 led to an even bigger boom in the industry.

In 2019, however, companies faced several problems when there was an abundance of carriers yet few loads. The conditions became even worse because of disputes between the US and China.


Future of Truck Transportation Services

Once the pandemic hit, consumers who didn’t care much about how their products reached the shelves suddenly shifted their interest to the trucking industry. Truck drivers became essential workers and got center stage during the tough times.

As experts look ahead for the coming years, there seem to be many opportunities for truck transportation services.

  • Continued Growth of the Industry

Some statists state the freight tonnage in the US will rise by 24% in 2022. The industry revenue is also stated to rise by 66%. While there still may be uncertainty around the trucking industry, it has an overall positive outlook.

  • Upward Trend in Truckload Rates

There is a continuing strain on the supply chain and demand cycle, even with logistics coming backing to normal. This is because there is still a driver shortage. There will be an upward trend in truckload rates with a 3–5% increase in 2022.

  • Rising Demand of Auto Industry

Industry experts have predicted rising demand for auto transportation services with a fast start in 2022. There is an increasing demand for vehicles which will undoubtedly lead to more importance for the auto industry.


The Bottom Line

The trucking transportation service faced numerous ups and down pre-pandemic and saw a significant shift in its recognition during the pandemic. However, there’s no doubt that the trucking industry is going to be facing a busy year.

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