Tricks That Will Help You Save On Car Shipment

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If the recent incident of the burning ship off the Azores with over 3500 cars has taught car owners something, it is that accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, even on a huge, state-of-the-art vessel transporting your new luxury car to you.

If there is a takeaway here, it is that car owners shouldn’t just park their cars in their garage or driveways thinking no harm will ever befall them —-although hail storms have proven otherwise!

So first thing first- avoiding shipping your car because of the risk of accidents is plain silly.

Instead, you should play it smart and use tricks to help save on car shipment costs.

1. Get a Quote and Do Your Research

Do your research when it comes to car shipping companies! Be clear on the details. Write down the dates and see if you are flexible because even a simple date can change the car shipment costs. That is because the price in the shopping car industry fluctuates based on the carriers available and the demand for car shipments.

2. Book In Advance

Once you have done your homework, you can save on car shipment costs by booking almost two months in advance. Last-minute booking will always be more expensive

3. Opt Wisely To Save On Car Shipment Costs

Make sure there are no hidden costs. If you are shipping in the winter or during rough weather conditions like rain or snow, you should opt for enclosed car shipping to protect your car from weather damage. If not, opt for an open carrier which is cheaper but still safe and reliable.

Carriers transporting cars

4. Don’t Be Cheap and Get Insurance

Weather can be cruel. In March 2022, sudden and blinding snow caused 80 vehicles to crash on Interstate 81 northeast of Harrisburg, Pa. So get insurance to avoid huge bills in case of accidents which, by the way, are more likely to happen during the winter season. So, save on car shipment costs by not skipping on insurance.

5. Pick a Company with Experience

Cheap doesn’t mean it is better. In fact, it could get more expensive in the long run. Play around with time and days to grab a sweet deal and save on car shipment costs.

Opt for an affordable company that has qualified drivers and loaders. Opt for the right auto transport company like RGV Auto Transport that promises to deliver your car in perfect condition.

We serve over 50 states and are fast and reliable. We also offer special rates on the shipping of over three vehicles, so get in touch with us and request a quote.

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