What Causes Car Shipping Delays?

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Like any other logistics business, vehicle transport companies may also face delays in delivery. This delay equally affects car dealers, car retail agencies, and individuals. There can be numerous reasons for delays in your car’s shipping; some are manageable, while others are beyond one’s control.

Let’s discuss some of the major causes of car shipping delays and how you can avoid them:

Traffic Congestion

One of the most common reasons for car shipping delays is excessive traffic on the roads. Numerous factors contribute to traffic congestion, including road accidents, holidays, road construction, land sliding, or severe weather conditions.

To avoid shipping delays due to traffic congestion, always make sure you plan your shipment during the time of year when heavy traffic is usually not expected.

Bad Weather

Weather conditions are another common cause of car shipping delays. Rain, fog, snow, hurricanes, hailstorms, and other severe weather conditions affect road travel. RGV Auto Transport, like many other car transport companies, gives serious consideration to your car’s safety and avoids any damage to your car due to severe weather conditions. To avoid delays, always see the weather forecast for the coming few days before ordering your car shipment.


Difficult Terrains

Difficult terrains like high mountain ranges and sharp bends and curves of the track can affect the estimated shipment duration. RGV Auto Transport uses smart GPS systems to plan the route to avoid delays.

Track Maintenance

Road construction or maintenance is another major cause of delays in car shipment. At RGV Auto Transport, we stay in touch with the latest developments in road construction and maintenance to avoid any delays. However, unforeseen events like land sliding or road damage due to heavy rains lead to unavoidable car shipping delays.

Mechanical Issues with Car Carrier

Auto transport companies that do not pay much attention to regular vehicle maintenance face more carrier breakdowns and mechanical issues during transportation. These cause delays in car shipping.

Always choose reliable vehicle transport companies with a good reputation for regular maintenance and safety precautions. RGV Auto Transport is one of the most trusted car shipping companies. Our carriers are fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

Lack of Communication

Many car shipping delays happen due to poor communication between the auto transport company and its customers. There is no proper mechanism for tracking car shipments, and customers are kept unaware of the current status of their shipment order.

To avoid such a delay, always choose an auto transport company that offers vehicle tracking services to its customers. At RGV Auto Transport, you can track your vehicle with our satellite vehicle tracking system, which will give you the exact location of your car carrier. Our vehicle tracking system will also estimate the delivery time so you can ensure your availability at the time of your car’s delivery.

Hire an Experienced Car Transport Company

Car shipping delays are often unavoidable, but you can reduce these delays by taking simple measures. Always hire experienced car shipping companies to ensure a sale and timely delivery of your car. RGV Auto Transport has provided exceptional vehicle relocation services for over 32 years. We offer reliable cross-country car shipping to more than 25 locations in the US. We also provide terminal to terminal car shipping for our corporate customers.

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