Your Guide to Buying a Car Out-Of-State

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So you want to buy a car?
Do you just walk to your nearest dealership and see what they have?

No. In fact, according to one research, 95% of vehicle buyers start their research on buying a car online. They use digital for information because the internet has changed how we buy and sell now.

And this change has led to more opportunities and great deals for both: someone looking to buy a car and even people looking to sell their cars.

Reasons for Buying a Car Out-Of-State

There are many reasons why consumers sometimes end up buying a car out-of-state. Perhaps they found a really sweet deal on a car they’ve always wanted.

Or maybe the buyer is a vintage car collector and has found a classic or vintage car from the 1960s in great condition and wants to make the car.

Some cars are more popular in some states, so buyers looking for a Mazda Miata roadster would find more options in used cars if they narrow their search to the Seattle area.

Some smaller towns do not have many dealerships or have limited options, so many people turn to buying cars online in the nearest states.

Say Hello to the Internet but Don’t Believe Everything It Says

While the internet has made it easy to connect with buyers worldwide, this has also opened up ways for scammers to scam people. This is why we now have a guide for you if you are looking to buy a car out of state.

Carriers transporting new cars

If it is Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

When buying a car from out of state, focus on the details. Do a thorough background check, ask questions, and never buy the car without getting it inspected.

Have a trusted mechanic look at it before you seal the deal.

Don’t Jump the Gun

It can be tempting to just say yes once you’ve found a car from out of state that you love, but don’t be too quick to jump the gun.

Different states have different laws regarding tax and paperwork. You cannot avoid taxes and inspections if you buy a car out-of-state. In fact, you might still have to pay an exorbitant registration cost. Be clear on the total costs. Also, run a vehicle history report on used cars when buying a car out of state.

Get a Quote from a Reliable Auto Transport Carrier

Shipping your car out of state can get expensive. There can be delays, plus extreme weather can cause damage to your vehicle during shipping. And you don’t want to spend the savings you made just to get the car in your state.

This is where a trusted and affordable auto transport company like RGV Auto Transport comes in. We promise to deliver your car via our qualified drivers and loaders.

We serve over 50 states and are fast and reliable. Get in touch with us to learn more and request a quote on shipping the car you just bought out-of-state.

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