4 Times Auto Transport is the Way to Go

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An open car carrier on the road.Moving is a huge task to undertake, which is why you should look into hiring a nationwide auto transport company like us to take care of moving your car for you. Even though it may seem easier to sell off your car or drive there, there are some situations when that doesn’t really work.

Here are some circumstances where you should hire nationwide car shipping experts to get the job done instead.

When You Need to Move Far Away

While you can make the drive pretty easily if you’re moving within the state, if your new home is in a city that’s several states over, you may need a nationwide vehicle shipping services, and a moving service while you take flight.

An excellent example of when this is necessary is if you’re making a move to Hawaii or Alaska. Since Hawaii is an island, you can’t make the drive at all and getting to Alaska means travelling across the British Columbia province of Canada. That isn’t a recommended option by any measure.

When Your Car is an Antique

If you have an antique car, you’re better off not driving long distances with your family in it. Some people may think that it’s a good idea to sell their daily use car off and take the vintage car themselves.

That’s not a good choice since antique cars don’t always fare well with the fast-paced traffic of a freeway. You also don’t want to get into a fender bender with your vintage car because you’ve been driving long hours — the damage is likely to be greater than with a newer car.

When You Have Small Kids or a Sick Spouse

If you’re planning to move your car by driving to your new home you should assess how capable your family is of standing the drive. If you have kids that are between 2 and 8, you may have to deal with tantrums and arguments.

Similarly, if you or your spouse have a chronic illness that causes fatigue or other symptoms that need to be managed, don’t try to make a long drive. The trip will exhaust you, which will make it harder to settle into your new house.


When You Don’t Have Time for a Road Trip

If you’re moving because of work, you may not even have time to make the drive over. Between finishing your notice period at your last job, making the arrangements, buying/leasing a new place, setting up your new home, and joining your new job, you probably won’t be able to take a long road trip.

If the drive is more than a day-long, we recommend entrusting us with your vehicles and catching a train or flight to get to your new city. Our nationwide auto transport company is a pro at making sure your car reaches its destination without damage and delays.

Our tracking technology will help you keep track of your auto and our customer reps will answer any questions you have, which is what sets us apart as one of the best car transport companies in Texas. Contact us for more information!

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