6 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Shipping

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A trailer carrying cars cross country

You’ve decided to transport your car to a new destination. And you’ve found a reliable auto shipping company like us which can make the process stress-free and smooth. Now it’s time to prepare your car for auto shipping. Here are 6 essential tips for doing that.

1.    Wash Your Car

Washing the exterior of your car will ensure that you can see the condition of your car. Before transporting, the company will make a vehicle condition report by taking pictures of the car from all angles. A clean exterior will make all the existing scratches and chipping paint clear.

2.    Note the Figures on the Odometer

It’s for your peace of mind. Customers usually have anxiety abound the fact that the driver will take their car for a ride. While it’s never going to happen with our service as we only deliver high-quality service, we understand that it’s hard to give your car and keys to a stranger. Therefore, to make yourself not stress about it, take a picture of your odometer.

3.    Remove or Secure Accessories

To ensure that your car is not damaged by its accessories like antennas, ski racks, bike racks, air fresheners, music system, etc., you must remove them before transportation. Your car will stand in close vicinity with other cars and be bumping up and the trailer, you don’t want these accessories to get damaged.

A person washing their car before shipping

4.    Check Tires, Battery, and Radiator

Ensure that your tires are inflated. Your tired can get damaged if they’re under or over-inflated. Similarly, make sure that your radiator contains antifreeze, and your battery is charged.

5.    Address Mechanical and Engine Problems

Is your car in a working condition? Make sure that you check for mechanical and engine issues. Have your mechanic tune your car before the company picks it up. If your car isn’t operable, you should tell the shipping company as they will make suitable arrangements to load the car—adding to the cost.

6.    Disable Alarms

An alarm is the last thing that a shipping company driver wants to deal with. You must disable all your car alarms before your car is picked up.

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