Auto Transport FAQs: Answered

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Nationwide auto transport services are a lifesaver for businesses and individuals alike. However, the practical client always has plenty of questions for us to ensure that our services are up to the mark.

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Here are some of your most commonly asked questions answered. Let’s begin!

Is Enclosed Transport Always the Better Choice?

Enclosed transport isn’t always the better choice, even though at first glance it offers more protection. We recommend enclosed transport if your car is a high-value vintage model or if you want protection from the outside elements.

Open transport is a good option that costs less, while still providing plenty of protection on the road. Our carrier drivers are experts at navigating freeways and all kinds of roads, so don’t worry about damage.

How Long Will It Take to Deliver the Car?

Your final destination will determine the time it takes for the shipment to be delivered. On average, we take about a day to ship your car about 500 miles, so anything within that radius won’t take long at all.

However, if you need to ship it to Hawaii, the delivery time will differ. Make sure you talk to our team if you require an exact time approximation.

Can I Pack Some Belongings in the Car?

You can pack some belongings in your car, but only if it’s traveling on land. We allow you to pack one medium-sized bag into the trunk of your car only. Don’t stash anything under the seat or in the front.

If your car is getting shipped via cargo ship, the dock will not accept the car unless it’s empty. Make sure you look through the car properly, in that case, emptying out any belongings left inside.

How Many Vehicles Can I Ship in One Go?

We provide our services to auto dealers and commercial organizations as well, which means we can ship an unlimited number of vehicles. We even provide a discount for more than three cars being shipped together.

However, make sure you’re clear on our delivery times and shipment details before you confirm the order if you’re shipping a large number of vehicles.

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Can I Only Ship Cars?

We ship all kinds of vehicles, including motorbikes, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Make sure you specify the exact kind of vehicle when you ask for a quote and place your order. This will ensure you get an accurate upfront cost and estimate delivery time.

With all that said, if you have any more questions to ask our nationwide car shipping experts, feel free to send us a message.

At RGV Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on getting you the best possible affordable vehicle transport services from Texas to everywhere in the country! You can even get a quote here.

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