Deciding Between Open Vs. Enclosed Car Transport

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An enclosed carrier

A car shipping company offers two modes of transportation—enclosed and open carrier. In an enclosed carrier, your vehicle is shipped in a covered trailer offering protection from environmental elements. People who wish to move their expensive antique or luxury cars often choose this option.

An open carrier is a shipping method where the cars are transported via a two-level, open-air trailer. People who’re looking to transport their used or standard cars choose this method.

Pros and Cons of Enclosed Carrier


When your car is transported in an enclosed carrier, it means that it’s protected from road debris and weather. They offer a greater level of car protection and security.

Enclosed carrier drivers have more experience in driving and taking care of vintage and other high-end cars. Some shipping companies offer a white-glove service with the enclosed carrier, enabling the client to receive constant updates, better insurance protection, and single-car shipping service.


A downside of a closed carrier is that only a few cars, and sometimes a single car can be moved. This makes enclosed carrier an expensive option. These carriers are heavy. It means that they aren’t fuel-efficient, increasing the fuel cost—significantly increasing the overall transportation cost with this method.

Open carrier

Pros and Cons of Open Carrier


Open carrier shipping is cheaper and faster than the enclosed carrier. Most of the transportation companies offer open carrier services, making it easy for people to book it. An open-air carrier can load up to ten vehicles at a time, saving a lot of time and money. Moreover, an open carrier is lighter than an enclosed carrier, significantly lowering the fuel cost.


The open carrier option is open-air that exposes your vehicle to weather conditions. In this option, your car gets minimum protection from scratches due to road debris. It will result in your car arriving at the new location in a dirty condition. You’ll have to wash it before you can drive it.

Pro Tip: If you’re going for an open carrier, we recommend that you choose the top tier for the two-tier carrier. It will ensure that your car is safe from dust and flying road debris, and leakage from the cars above.

Made the Decision?

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