How Enclosed Car Transportation Keeps Your Car Safe

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a red car driving through heavy rains.

If you can afford an enclosed vehicle transport company, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. This ensures that you prioritize the security and integrity of your car at all times. The enclosure keeps your car protected from all the elements and dangers on the road so that your vehicle doesn’t suffer any damage. It’s the safest way to transport your car from city to city.

Driving is not the best option for getting your car transported safely for a fair price. It’s even more convenient if your car is brand new and come to you a week ago from the dealership. You don’t want the transport process to leave its marks on the body of the car. Here’s why enclosed car transportation should be your go-to option.

Dust and Debris

Road debris is a safety hazard for people and cars alike. Fallen twigs and trunks, deep puddles, loose pebbles, exploded tires, and construction waste are all impediments on the route that can damage your car. When the car runs over a puddle, the murky, grimy water splashes onto the sparkling clean body of your car and leaves unsightly watermarks and stains. The pebbles can hit the windscreen and leave scratches or huge cracks. If nothing else, dust particles settling on the auto glass can impair vision and leave fine scratches on the surface as well. Why put your car through all that when you can transport it in an enclosed carrier?

Security and Surveillance

All vehicle carriers at RGV Auto Transport are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. This means that all the cars that we transport in our enclosed carriers will share full insurance during transit as well.

This offers additional protection to your car as long as it’s with us. We have fully trained staff to look over your car during transit and supervise everything. This means that your car will be secure and in our care at all times during transit, and we take responsibility for it.

Protection from Weather

Don’t expose your car to hail, snow, winds, or rain if you can protect it in an enclosed environment. The hard-sided barriers of the vehicle carrier keep your car safe from weather hazards. Rough storms can dent your car’s exteriors and cause costly damages to auto glass. This maintains the structural integrity of your vehicle and delivers it to your desire destination in premium condition.

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