Moving Last Minute: 5 Ways to Make the Process Easy

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A family packing during their move.

Moving is an ordeal in itself, but having to move quickly without much warning can seem impossible! However, if you put your mind to it and take assistance from service providers like us, you can get it done.

Here are some key tips for moving last minute, from how to pack intelligently to getting our nationwide vehicle transport services.

Spend Time Making a List

When you sit down and organize your thoughts, everything else will feel a whole lot easier. Create a comprehensive list of items you need to buy, service providers to enlist, tasks to be completed, and categories of items to buy.

This will help you stay on track during the chaos and keep you organized. You should also make sure to prioritize everything on the list based on urgency so that your move doesn’t suffer delays.


Pack Smartly, Not Hurriedly

There’s no reason for you to rush through your packing if you’re smart about it. Follow a simple room-by-room sequence. Start with your garage or any storage rooms you have, and make your way inward, ending at your bedroom and bathroom.

Of course, the one exception to this rule is the food in the kitchen. You can pack your spices and non-perishables that cost you a lot of money. However, items like oil, frozen meat, leftovers, and soy sauces can all be donated.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

That brings us to this key tip. Don’t keep what you don’t need to keep. The donation could help someone in need, and it will greatly lower the number of belongings you need to keep track of. Donating old clothes, furniture, non-perishable food items, or other miscellaneous items is a good way to do this.

While Goodwill is always an easy way to donate, you can also reach out to local food banks, homeless shelters, or charity organizations that take donations.

Plan Ahead for the Unloading Process

You can get so involved in the process of getting everything packed and shipped that you forget about unloading it too. It’s best to reach around the same time as the moving truck does, or even before that.

If you’re moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone, make sure you hire someone to do the heavy lifting so that you’re not struggling by yourself.

An auto transport service’s open carrier.

Don’t Drive Down There

The best way to keep a moving process quickly without tiring yourself out is to leave everything to the professionals. This can mean hiring a nationwide auto transport service to ship your car while you take a direct flight.

Hiring our nationwide car shipping experts to get the job done is a lot easier than dealing with traffic and long hours of driving, which is why you should contact us for a quote today!

At RGV Auto Transport, we ensure that your car reaches the required destination without any damage and is on time, every single time.

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