What to Look for in a Motorcycle Shipment Service

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a bike rider.

Your motorcycle may or may not be the Harley-Davidson V-Rod, but it’s still just as dear and precious to you. Owning a bike symbolizes pride and coolness among youngsters and a sign of your adventurous daredevil spirit in the 50s. You may have gone on countless dates and road trips on it, traveled for miles and added a new chapter in your memory book, and given rides to your kids, nieces, and nephews.

It’s not just your ride or travel companion; your bike is as much a part of your life as anything oranyone else. You can’t just trust any shipment service for motorcycle transportation if you want your bike to be transported to a different city or state. You need to check the company thoroughly before you entrust them with this job. Your motorcycle is at stake; don’t take any chances. Look for these things in an auto transportation company.

Fair Prices

Granted, transporting vehicles from one city to another is a mammoth task if you choose to do it yourself. But for a company, the costs aren’t the same. They have high fixed costs, but those too divide over all the cases they take in a month. The result is not as much as you’re paying for fuel, vehicle maintenance, and damages (if any).

Compare prices between auto transportation services to identify if you’re being overcharged in any way. Don’t settle for anything less than fair pricing. RGV Auto Transport is known for market-competitive prices. Check out our packages.


Never compromise on the reputation of the professional service you’re using. With vehicle transportation, you need to be doubly sure of the competence, skills, and reliability of the company you’re hiring for the job. You can’t entrust an asset as valuable as a vehicle to any shoddy company. Make sure whichever company you pick is authentic and true to their word.

Vehicle Tracking

This is a rare feature that you won’t find in every auto transportation company. It differentiates market leaders from budding businesses that are just testing the waters in the industry. We have been in the industry for the past 38 years know the workings of this job inside out.

Our experience with customers has proved that vehicle owners value peace of mind over everything else. That’s why being able to track their vehicle during transit in real-time allows them to be sure of our authenticity and trustworthiness. They don’t just have to rely on our promises; they can see for themselves.

If you feel we fit the bill, feel free to contact us. Reach out to us at 956-466-4475 for more details about our nationwide auto transport services and affordable car shipping services in Texas.


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