Why Transporting A Vehicle To Another State, Yourself is a Hassle

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A technician loads a car onto a transport truck with skill and strength.

If you’re traveling from one state to another or moving across the country, the chances are that you’re taking your car with you. It doesn’t mean that you need to be the one transporting the car, though. You might be wondering whether it’s worth just taking your car on your own—after all, it’s gotta be as easy as driving, right?

You’d be surprised at all the reasons why it’s actually a bad idea to transport it yourself, including:

It takes a lot of planning to transport your vehicle

It’s not quite the same as a road trip, especially when you’re traveling wide distances. You’ll have to plan your route meticulously, factor in pitstops, refueling, resting, and other details, including state laws, etc.; it’s a lot of added planning that, frankly, you don’t want to get involved in.

Given that a cross-country drive would require 8-12 hours on the road each day, it’s a lot of planning to take on.

It’s more time consuming to do it yourself

If you decide to drive your car out, you’re looking at several days of being on the road, depending on the distance.

This is not only exhausting but also time-consuming, and you’ll have to move your plans around completely, from heading out earlier to getting family onboard, etc. A transport company will take care of your car and save you time, so that you can fly out in peace with all your luggage, in a fraction of the time.

A transportation truckloads various vehicles and cars for moving them across states.You might damage your vehicle during the process

All that wear and tear from traveling hundreds of thousands of miles in a single go? Not worth it.

Not only do you risk your vehicle’s functionality, but also a severe depreciation in its value thanks to the rigorous journey. The damage really isn’t worth it, especially when you’ll have to pay for dents, repairs, and other services on arrival.

Drivers may get exhausted from the long journey

Driver fatigue is one of the biggest threats to road safety and hurts hundreds of people every year. Nodding off, falling asleep at the wheel, hampered brain functioning are some of the most common side-effects of it, and it’s almost inevitable when you’re trying to make it to your destination on time.

Don’t risk your safety and well-being for the illusion of being able to save a few hundred dollars. In fact, you’ll also pay more for gas, hotel and motel stopovers, food, and other supplies when you drive out on your own!

Whether you’re headed on vacation or moving across states, taking your vehicle on your own can be quite the hassle. Not only will it alter your mode of transportation, but it’s also expensive, requires fuel, manpower, and a ton of work.


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