Why Vehicle Tracking Service Rebuilds Your Trust in Us

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You don’t want anything to happen to your Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero or Rolls Royce Sweptail while they’re being delivered to your new address! Finally, being able to buy your dream car must be a life-long wish that’s only getting fulfilled now. If you’ve already made the payment and are waiting for the beautiful sedan to come home, you must be excited and anxious all the same. That’s when you select our car transportation services in Brownsville to transport your car safely to you.

A black Ford Mustang.

Your Fears

But you understandably have many fears regarding that. You don’t want the smooth, scratch-less body to lose its sheen or be exposed to rough finds, flying debris, or stones on its way to you. But the worst fear of all is losing your car altogether! You can’t bear to lose track of where your beloved new garage queen is while she’s making her way to her new home. Being able to track your vehicle during the transportation is a blessing in disguise. Here’s more on that.

How Can You Alleviate Them

At RGV Auto Transport, we take vehicle transportation very seriously. We always do our due diligence when transporting your rides, especially new cars, to your address in a different city. We use state-of-the-art GPS technology to allow customers to track their auto package during transit in real-time. Our latest satellite vehicle tracker doesn’t require you to install new applications or different software. All you have to do is follow the link and view your car live on the web. At most, you need an active internet connection and a device to do that.

Rest assured, your car will constantly be monitored by our trained staff and be transported in licensed, bonded, and fully insured vehicles. We understand your apprehensions as a new car owner, and we honor your concerns just how you want them.

Value for Money

We offer this service purely to reciprocate the trust that our customers and clients put in us. By choosing to work with us, you’re allowing us the opportunity to do something for you. We aim to pay back in full by maximizing value for money. There’s no extra charge for our vehicle tracking service as it is part of our transportation packages. With quick turnaround times and the best rates in the market, we hope to offer more than what you’re paying for.

We make sure to provide a service that brings you back to us. You’re not just paying for getting your car from one city to another; you’re paying for constant vigilance over your vehicle, an enclosed means of transport, real-time updates from the vehicle tracker, and delivery on the date promised. We check all the boxes you need in a reliable vehicle transportation service.

Reach out to us at 956-466-4475 for more details about our nationwide auto transport services and affordable car shipping services in Texas.

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